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The Anti-China Lobby

We hear in the news about calls to boycott Chinese products over the issues of Tibet and human rights. Just who is behind this? Certainly countries with far worse "human rights" records never get the attention that China does.

If Burkhalter was so concerned about human rights, why doesn't she spend some time on problems closer to home, right here in the USA, like Waco? Does she write of human rights abuses in the so-called workers' paradise of Cuba? In the supposedly democratic South Africa? Haiti? Or the repressive monarchies and dictatorships of Africa and the Middle East? --Anti-China Lobbyist Holly Burkhalter Promotes Biases in Local Papers, Palm Beach Post, March 1, 1996)

HONG KONG, March 1, 1996 (Kyodo) -- China is planning a campaign to lobby the U.S. Congress, believing that Congress influenced President Bill Clinton to grant a visa to Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui to visit the United States in 1995, a Hong Kong daily reported Friday. The South China Morning Post quoted a source as saying ''Chinese officials have neglected the influential role of the U.S. Congress in decision making,'' adding that they realize ''a need to understand Congress better.'' The paper quoted sources as saying more resources would be given to lobbying Congress, but added that it would not spend the ''extravagant'' amount that Taiwan spends. --China to lobby U.S. Congress, reports H.K. daily

Milarepa calls for Boycott of Chinese products.

The AFL-CIO has a new interest in "human rights" and "Tibet". Does this have anything to do with lower wages in China?

    The AFL-CIO believes that Congress should deny MFN trade treatment for China and enact legislation that would require congressional approval before the President supports admission of China into the WTO. --AFL-CIO Executive Council February 19, 1997 Statement

    We note the valiant efforts of the Tibetan people to bring attention to the ongoing suppression of Tibet by the Chinese government. We support a call for a boycott of all Chinese-made goods during the month of June -- as a concrete statement of our support for human rights in China, and our call for American corporations to insist on a minimum standard of decency for workers in China. --Boycott Chinese-Made Goods - AFL-CIO Executive Council May 8, 1996 Statement

China uses the Internet to reply ...

    BEIJING, March 4 (Xinhua) -- The United States State Department released its "Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 1996" on January 30, 1997, once again distorting and attacking at length the state of human rights in China and more than 190 other countries and regions. The U.S. government, posing as "the human rights judge of the world," turned a blind eye yet again to the serious human rights problems in its own country and did not utter a single word about them in the report. ...

    As a popular saying goes, one should first correct oneself before trying to correct others. It is bizarre indeed that the United States, with such a poor human rights record of its own, should act as the world's human rights judge and concoct human rights reports year after year, mounting "crusades" against other countries. If the United States insists on having its own way, it will inevitably provoke more counterattacks from other countries. In the end, it will only hurt itself with the very stick it has been brandishing against others. We strongly advise the U.S. government to put its own house in order before pointing its finger at other countries. --A Look at the U.S. Human Rights Record - By Ren Yanshi

Still China remains one of the countries with the lowest crime rate in the world. -- U.N. Criminal Justice Country Profile: China

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