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1895 - The total population of Palestine was 500,000 of whom 47,000 were Jews who owned 0.5% of the land. --A brief history from Palestinian National Authority Official Website

    As Yitzhak Rabihiyeh, an Israeli Army Doctor, described: "NEVER in my life did I imagine not even in my darkest dreams- that WE, the JEWS WOULD DO TO ANOTHER GROUP WHAT THE GERMANS DID TO US. We may not be building gas chambers, and we don't have a regulated system of extermination, but we're not far from it." ... When compared to the former apartheid state of South Africa, the similarities are haunting. In Palestine ... --Statement on Zionism: the State of Israel - from the Muslim Student Association, Berkeley
"Zionism," Webster's dictionary defines, is "a movement formerly for reestablishing, now supporting, the Jewish national state of Israel." It is this philosophy that is responsible for the dehumanization of an entire population and the killing of 70,000 people since 1948, according to Jewish Author Ron David (himself a former Zionist). In his book, Arabs and Israel, he writes, "The arguments for a Jewish state in Palestine were (and are) so preposterous, so RACIST, and so indifferent to the rights, lives, and religions of non-Jews -- and such a tricky insult to democracy -- that if they were made now you'd have no doubt that the carpetbagger who made them was at least as CRAZY as Mussolini." (David, Ron, Arabs and Israel for Beginners, Writers and Readers, 1993, page 3) --!!!ME!!!


In summary, the Grassroots International delegation reached the following conclusions:

  1. Israel is violating the spirit and the letter of the accords;
  2. The Palestinian Authority (PA) is setting up a corrupt and undemocratic regime in the "autonomous areas;"
  3. A significant amount of the PA's funding is being used to support two primary activities:
    • at least seven different security forces that include over 20,000 people
    • "quick fix" projects and cosmetic changes in Gaza;
  4. Palestinian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are at the core of the effort to democratize Palestinian society and it is crucial to support those that are making bottom-up changes;
  5. Grassroots International's Palestinian partner organizations are at the forefront of the NGO movement to ensure that democracy and accountability are forged in an independent Palestinian state. (Source: Between Occupation and Autonomy: The West Bank and Gaza Strip, by Lisa Bevilacqua, Nuhad Jamal and Marie Kennedy, January, 1996)

      "That's right folks -- who needs America?

      Whenever the UN General Assembly -- that bunch of rabid anti-Semites -- has to vote on anti-Israel resolutions, we don't have to worry about the 946 countries that vote against us any more."
      From: BibiWATCH (August 15, 1997)

    " Hamas' first contact with the West was toward the end of 1991, when it held meetings with several European diplomats ... American government succumbing to pressure from pro-Israeli pacs... Members of Congress who jumped on the bandwagon were Peter Deutsch, R. James Saxton, Alcee L. Hastings, and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen ... by far the sharpest attack came from New York's Senator Alfonse D'Amato who repeated Israeli rhetoric almost verbatim ... The Clinton Administration's decision to adopt Israel's analysis of Hamas, end its dialogue with the group, prop up the PLO, and push for a speedy accord (although Norway brokered the Gaza- Jericho plan, the United States had been putting immense pressure on the PLO to reach a settlement) is a gross miscalculation." --The Truth about Hamas - By Ahmad Rashad


    Is Arafat the answer? Many Palestinians see him as the puppet of Israel. For Palestinian to be a truly independent state it will need to have a legitimate government. Perhaps Israel and the US prefer to keep alive the fiction that Arafat represents the Palestinians. If the United States truly wishes to be of help in the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict it might help to bring HAMAS into the talks.

    "The crisis in Palestinian ranks deepens almost daily. Security talks between Israel and the P.L.O. are advertised as a "break- through" one day, stalled and deadlocked the next. Deadlines previously agreed upon come and go, with no other timetable proposed, while Israel increases the number of its soldiers in the occupied territories, as well as the killings, the building of settle- ment residences, the demolition of Palestinian houses, the punitive measures keeping Palestinians from leaving the territories and entering Jerusalem." --For Palestinian Independence by Edward W. Said, the author, most recently, of Culture and Imperialism (Knopf) (Amazon Books) [at: Middle East Peace]

    Dr. Said also said that he is fully convinced "based on evidences available to him" that the PLO leadership, in particular those of the PNA, are stubborn and unwilling to change. "They even don't listen to one another. Arafat, Abou Mazen, and Abo AlAla' don't speak to each other. They are only interested in keeping their funny positions and authorities." Dr. Said said. In the meantime, Dr. Said affirmed, "All Palestinians must not co-operate with the PA which is merely an agent working for the Zionist occupiers. What is worse than this is the PA lacks the qualifications." "Arafat was not able to clean up Gaza street, but he was able to establish secrete intelligence organizations that spy on one another. It is an outrageous matter to see Arafat banning and closing newspapers and to see him using force and intimidation to keep Palestinians' mouth shut." --Latest from Dr. Edward Said

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