Why is Robert Mueller kissing up to the ADL?

A few months ago, Abe and Jess came by my office for a visit. I appreciated their taking the time to meet with me. I have long admired and respected the work of ADL, and I appreciate your longstanding support of the FBI. I know that under my predecessor, Louis Freeh, this partnership reached new heights. As I told Abe and Jess, I am absolutely committed to building on that relationship. - Remarks prepared for delivery by Robert S. Mueller III, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation at the Anti-Defamation League's 24th Annual National Leadership Conference Washington, DC May 7, 2002

Is Robert Mueller cracking up? Is Mueller trying to bring back COINTELPRO aided by the ADL? Is this his idea of restoring the credibility of the FBI? The association with the ADL looks more like he wants to go in the direction of a Police State.

Under the guise of “fighting terrorism,” Attorney General John Ashcroft is hoping to trash 30-year-old restrictions on the FBI’s ability to spy on religious and political organizations in the United States. This would effectively revive the FBI’s infamous COINTELPRO (“counterintelligence program”) of the 1960s. At that time, the FBI collaborated with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith to infiltrate and spy upon a wide variety of dissident American political organizations. The names of some 62,000 American political dissidents were held in the FBI’s files during that period. ... FBI guidelines were changed dramatically in the mid-1970s after widespread public outrage upon the discovery of the COINTELPRO operation—following the death of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, who worked closely with the ADL. New protocols stipulated that the FBI was only permitted to deploy undercover operatives in churches and mosques or inside political organizations if investigators had first found “probable cause” that persons inside those groups may have committed a crime. After the institution of the guidelines restricting the FBI’s ability to spy on domestic political dissidents, however, the ADL rushed in to do the spying. The illicit fruits of the ADL’s intelligence ventures still ended up in the hands of the FBI, the BATF, the CIA, the IRS and other federal agencies with which the ADL maintained close contact. Now Ashcroft, along with new FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, are hoping to formally reinstate the old COINTELPRO under the guise of fighting terrorism. - Ashcroft Wants Domestic Spying Revived–Quickly Some good Americans inside the FBI and the Justice Department op pose a scheme by Attorney General John Ashcroft to revive the FBI’s domestic spying operation known as COINTELPRO.

The Jan. 11, 2002 issue of EIR featured a lead story, under the headline "Israeli Spies Scandal Is Too Big to Bury." We were right. We were also right, back in 1993, when we published the second edition of the underground bestseller book, The Ugly Truth About the ADL, featuring a new introductory chapter, titled "Since the First Printing: ADL in Middle of a Spy Scandal Too Big to Bury." The scandal involved top officials of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith's Fact Finding Department, who were caught illegally gathering files on tens of thousands of American citizens, including civil rights leaders, anti-apartheid activists, labor officials, politicians, Arab-Americans, and leaders of the LaRouche political movement. A year-long probe by the San Francisco Police Department into the ADL spying was ultimately stymied, but not before raids were conducted on the ADL offices on the West Coast, and on the home of Roy Bullock, the ADL's West Coast spy boss. A New Pollard Affair?

Is there an ADL connection to the Jonathan Pollard spy affair?

"In 1987, the ADL came under FBI scrutiny in the wake of the Pollard spy scandal. While assigned to the Navy's Anti-Terrorist Alert Center, where he had access to the most closely-guarded U.S. secrets, Jonathan Pollard stole thousands of pages of classified documents for Israel, which, according to Federal prosecutors, 'could fill a room the size of a large closet ... ten feet by six feet by six feet.' Pollard's handler was Avi Sella, an Israeli air force colonel whose wife worked for the New York ADL as a lawyer. Pollard later wrote to friends that a prominent ADL leader was deeply involved in the Israeli spy operation." Behind the Mask of Respectability: The truth about the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith

In November 1985, civilian U.S. Naval Intelligence analyst Jonathan Jay Pollard was arrested and charged with spying for Israel. Pollard was convicted and is still in Federal prison, but investigators never succeeded in capturing his top-level U.S. accomplices, known as the "X Committee."

"One document Pollard is believed to have slipped to the Israelis—thought to have landed in Soviet hands, albeit unintentionally—was a huge compendium of frequencies used by foreign military and intelligence services [which] cost the U.S. billions of dollars but Pollard rendered . . . useless [and, by compromising it] may have cost informants their lives." —Time magazine, Dec. 13, 1993

This is the same ADL which received $250,000 from Marc Rich and pushed his pardon

The A.D.L. and Rich By WILLIAM SAFIRE, March 29, 2001 See: ADL Watch for more

Even the JDO does not like Foxman

cease & desist letter - ADL - An archive of disturbing illustration - seems they did not like a photo on the rotton.com site

Instead of kissing ADL's ass, Mueller might do better by watching ADL and other pro-Israel organizations to see what aid they are providing to the terrorists in Israel. Is the ADL truly a non-profit - and not engaged in lobbying activities? Perhaps the FBI itself is scared to touch the Israel lobby in Washington.

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