Is the Southern Poverty Law Center an organization you can trust?
...the Center has a history of exploiting sensationalist journalism ... currently the organization talks about tolerance - but are they tolerant of views different from their own? As the media continues to propagate SPLC spin, we thought we would we present some background on the SDLC and those involved ... --znote's Southern Poverty Law Center

What is going on with the FBI?
"Once the most esteemed federal agency, the FBI comes under attack for sloppy work..." A little about the history of the FBI and some of the issues facing this Federal agency. Will the FBI become a secret police agency controlled by the government elite or will it look to the people for continued justification of it's legitimacy and purpose? --The FBI: Past, Present & Future

Anarchist Action Network
Formed to counter the defamation of anarchy and Anarchists by the media. --Anarchist Action Network We first called ourselves the Anarchist Anti-Defamation League, but were contacted by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith in New York who said that they "owned" the exclusive rights to the word "anti-defamation". The Story.

Nike Boycott
Seems like everyone is on the boycott Nike bandwagon ... Nike has become the symbol of the New World Order - $2 per day workers in foreign countries make the product, pay tens of millions of dollars to sports stars to promote it. Nike factories report that the cost of a lunch is 27 cents; the factories pick up 2/3 of this cost, and deduct 9 cents from the worker's paycheck. --Nike Spins

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The "Unofficial" Bill Clinton
For those who are tired of all the "official" crap.

The "Unofficial" Bill Clinton

    ... stereotypes associated with anarchism are sometimes trampled by the popular misuse of the word anarchism. It is not uncommon for a Middle Eastern nation in the midst of US.- imposed turmoil to be labelled by the media as "complete anarchy," a phrase which undermines the true definition of the word anarchism." --Anarchy and the Media

    It is bizarre indeed that the United States, with such a poor human rights record of its own, should act as the world's human rights judge and concoct human rights reports year after year --The Anti-China Lobby

    ...a winning formula for raising vast sums of money from American Jews: highly emotional appeals to raw fear with sensationalistic exploitation of the Holocaust story. --Simon Wiesenthal Center

    The only work removed under Canada's new obscenity standard (which claims to outlaw the degradation of woman) is an erotic magazine made by and for women. --Net Nannies and the new Internet Sex Police

    Roosevelt had asked Dr. Ales Hrdlicka to study the possibility of crossbreeding Asian and European stocks in order to eliminate the aggressive characteristics of the Japanese. --Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Media Spin

    "Media Spin" seems to be the operative word for our times. Companies, organizations, government officials and politicians all exert an influence on what TV and newspapers report as news. Noam Chomsky is perhaps the most articulate commentator about the relationship of propaganda and media. FAIR focuses public awareness on the narrow corporate ownership of the press and the media's allegiance to official agendas.

    "In movies of the 1930s reporters were gritty characters who instinctively sided with the common man." -- Why Americans Hate The Media - by James Fallows
    February 1996 Atlantic Monthly.

  • The Media Bias Web Site - from the CyberCurmudgeon

    A few of the sites we have found interesting ...

  • d i s i n f o r m a t I o n - a good source when you need some of this
  • AJR:NewsLink - good list of news links and articles about journalism
  • The Progressive Review - More about Washington than you may want to know
  • HateWatch - one of the more balanced lists
  • The Freedom Forum - An organization which both understands free speech and has the resources to do something about it. Is also a most gracious host.

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