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J. Edgar Hoover (01.01.1895 - 02.05.1972) politik, 'policaj'; ZDA Hoover je bil eden izmed najbolj znanih direktorjev urada FBI. [source]

J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson, generally inseparable, back in 1936. Part 5 - Better Things for Better Living Through Chemistry

J. Edgar Hoover's assistant, Clyde Tolson, paid close attention to news stories about the bureau. The top three FBI bosses, Hoover, Clyde Tolson and Louis Nichols, [source]

Murry Falkner was a pilot. He is seen here in Roswell, New Mexico, with FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover in 1937. [source]

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, in a circa 1953 photo.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower honors Illustrious J. Edgar Hoover, 33, Grand Cross, at a special White House ceremony. .[source]

To Jack Stepherson, 1966 [letter]

Hoover. Jul. 24, 1967 [link]


in Masonic lodge outfit and with with "G" man [more photos]

From The Dark Side of the Force: J. Edgar Hoover Arthur Murtagh, former FBI agent, interviewed in 1990 stated; "I certainly do not want to indicate that Hoover did not have some unusual ability in structuring an organization designed to perpetuate a sort of dictatorial control of both the FBI and, so far as he could manage it, the minds of the American citizens: but so did Adolf Hitler".

Hoovers's Cadillac - Lyndon B. Johnston had use of this car during his term of office as President of the USA, while the presidential Lincoln Continental was being rebuilt Cadillacs of the Rich and Famous

From "J. Edgar Hoover-- The Boudoir Portraits" by "Hyacinth" As head of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation for 48 years, Hoover led an ongoing crusade against communism, espionage and deviant behavior. On his own time, however, he and his life partner Clyde led a life of gay, albeit closeted, abandon. One special treat was the anniversary portrait that Hoover had done as a surprise one year for Clyde, which soon turned into an annual event, with Hoover dressing up as famous transvestites throughout history. [more]

Lithographic crayon, 1971 Original illustration by Edward Sorel for Lithopinion, summer 1971 [link]

J. Edgar Hoover, Royal Miller, Clyde Tolson and Joseph McCarthy on holiday in California. When J. Edgar Hoover died in May, 1972, he left virtually the whole of his estate to his long-time companion. Tolson also took control of Hoover's considerable secret files. Tolson retired from the FBI and according to his friends, that the only time he left the house was to visit Hoover's grave. When Tolson died in April, 1975, it was reported that the FBI agents arrived at his house and removed all these documents. Clyde Tolson is buried with Hoover at the Congressional Cemetery in Washington. [source]

John Edgar Hoover Congressional Cemetery Washington, DC [RIPHoover] More photos of the Grave of J. Edgar Hoover

The J. Edgar Hoover Building currently houses the national headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It was completed in 1974 at a cost of 126 million dollars. Address Address: 935 Pennsylvania Ave E St. NW, between 9th and 10th streets. Merto stop: Archives/Navy Memorial or Federal Triangle

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