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Louis J. Freeh - FBI Directory from 1993-2001. Hired as senior vice chairman for administration by Delaware Credit-Card Giant MBNA according to mbnasucks.org. MBNA Corporation is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol KRB.

Robert Hanssen - former FBI counterintelegence agent - arrested on February 20, 2001 after servicing a dead drop in a suburban park near his home in Virginia. Will he be spending his time at the federal prison in Allenwood, Pa ?

Richard Held - Richard W Held was an FBI agent accused by a fellow agent of railroading Geronimo Pratt into prison in the COINTELPRO against the Black Panther Party in 1972, was the Special Agent in Charge of the San Francisco FBI when Judi Bari's car was blown up in his territory in May, 1990. He retired in 1993 - Where is he now?

Lon Horiuchi - FBI sniper at Ruby Ridge who shot Vicki Weaver in the head. Still works and the FBI?? Horiuchi was born on June 9, 1954, and grew up in Hawaii. He is the son of a US Army officer, and graduated West Point in 1976 (Cullum number 34413). He joined the FBI in 1984. He is a Catholic, and has six children. In 1998 his address was PO box 41130, Fredericksburg, Virginia, 22404.

Larry Potts - involed with the Rules of Engagement at Ruby Ridge. retired from the FBI in 1997 and joined the Investigative Group International [igint.com/TeamPotts - lpotts@igint.com]



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