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Attorney General John Ashcroft, FBI Director Louis J. Freeh and United States Attorney Helen Fahey announced today that a veteran FBI counterintelligence Agent was arrested Sunday by the FBI and charged with committing espionage by providing highly classified national security information to Russia and the former Soviet Union. At the time of the arrest at a park in Vienna, Virginia, Robert Philip Hanssen, age 56, was clandestinely placing a package containing highly classified information at a pre-arranged, or "dead drop," site for pick-up by his Russian handlers. Hanssen had previously received substantial sums of money from the Russians for the information he disclosed to them. FBI Press Release, February 20, 2001 ... Hanssen, who has six children, was alleged to have made $1.4 million working for the Russians.

Peter Limone, convicted of murder, spent 33 years in prison (4 on death row), while the FBI apparently knew he did not do it. One key report states that on March 10, 1965 -- two days before the murder -- an unidentified FBI informant told Special Agent H. Paul Rico that Flemmi was planning to kill Deegan and that the murder had the blessing of then-New England Mafia boss Raymond Patriarca.... FBI agent John Connolly was indicted last year on charges he took gifts from Bulger and Flemmi and tipped them off to the identities of FBI informants and witnesses who were later murdered. [FBI knew wrong man was convicted of murder, AP, December 22, 2000]
[An Innocent Man Goes Free 33 Years After Conviction, New York Times, February 2, 2001]

`Not once did this man even get up here and accept responsibility for his actions. I think that's telling.' -- MICHAEL HOROWITZ, who prosecuted David Farrall A judge told David Farrall that law enforcement officers need to uphold a higher standard than the rest of the community. Then he sentenced the former FBI agent to 90 days in jail in one of the most notorious DUI cases in South Florida history. Florence Thompson, whose two sons died in a wrong-way crash with Farrall three years ago, shrieked ''yes!'' when she saw bailiffs clapping handcuffs on the agent for the first time. Still, she remained angry Farrall didn't face a more severe punishment.... (FBI Agent) Farrall gets 90 days in wrong-way case Miami Herald January 09, 2003

Larry Potts - He received a letter of censure for failure to provide proper oversight with regard to the rules of engagement employed at Ruby Ridge. "Rogers acknowledged that the Rules of Engagement he proposed specified that any adult with a weapon observed in the vicinity of the Weaver cabin or in the firefight area "could and should be the subject of deadly force." [FN534] According to Rogers he discussed this rule with FBI Assistant Director Larry Potts who concurred fully" Also involved in Waco. ... is now working for Investigative Group International (IGI), a private firm retained by President Clinton to investigate judges, reporters, and other potential enemies of his administration (according to a deposition of IGI director Terry Lenzner). Larry Potts was a buddy of Louis Freeh. Within the FBI, these special people are called "FOL" - Friends of Louie. [NYT 5/11/97] In 1997 Potts retired from the FBI and joined the Investigative Group International, Inc. as the Executive Vice President [site]

Edwin Pitts, 43, a 13-year veteran of the FBI and an attorney, who was arrested today at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, on a criminal complaint charging conspiracy to commit espionage, attempted espionage, communication of classified information, and conveyance without authority of government property. Press Release - Wednesday, December 18, 1996

On October 5, 1985, Special Agent Robin L. Ahrens, who was assigned to the Phoenix FBI Office, was fatally wounded while participating with other Agents in the apprehension of fugitive Kenneth Don Barrett. Ahrens was fatally shot by other Agents [names ???] at the arrest scene who mistook her for an armed associate of the fugitive. [Source: Hall of Honor - Robin L. Ahrens]

Lon Horiuchi - FBI sniper at Ruby Ridge. Aug. 22 1992, Horiuchi fired a shot at a man ducking into the cabin. The shot killed Vicki Weaver as she stood inside the cabin behind the door, holding her infant daughter, Elisheba. The killing occurred on the second day of an 11 day standoff that began with a shoot out that killed the Weavers son Samuel, 14 and U.S. Deputy Marshal Willam Degan. The federal government, though, is leaping to Horiuchi’s defense, because he was obeying an order. But the Nuremberg and My Lai prosecutions have established that "I vas just following orders" is no excuse for killing innocent people. The license-to-kill orders were so outrageous that other FBI snipers at the scene -- for example, the SWAT team from Denver -- agreed among themselves that the license-to-kill order should not be obeyed. The Denver agents chose to disobey the unconstitutional order, and instead to stick with the traditional rules of engagement. Besides choosing to obey an illegal assassination order, Horiuchi lied under oath at Randy Weaver’s trial. Horiuchi claimed that he opened fire on Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris because the two men were threatening to shoot an FBI helicopter. But the trial judge found this testimony so blatantly false that he ordered the charges related to the testimony to be dismissed. (The helicopter was nowhere near where Weaver or Harris could have shot at it.) [The Ruby Ridge Prosecutions] Yesterday, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that FBI agent Charles Riley said all the way back in June 1993 that he heard shots fired from a sniper post occupied by agent Lon Horiuchi - The FBI's favorite hitman The head of one of the Midwest's largest taxpayer groups today named F.B.I. sniper Lon Horiuchi "Tax Villain of the Month" for crimes against U.S. citizens committed while collecting a salary paid by U.S. taxpayers. - Taxpayers Name F.B.I. Assassin Lon Horiuchi Tax Villain of the Month "put his name and face on every milk cartoon in the state along with his accomplices in the FBI, ATF, and Delta Force. - Wanted: Lon Horiuchi - Killer Horiuchi allegedly shot several Davidians as the attempted to flee their burning church.- Faces of Evil The FBI sniper who killed the wife of Randy Weaver is declared Immune from state prosecution, the federal appeals court ruled Wednesday. This ruling has the same effect as granting a license to kill with impunity to any government agency. In 1992 an FBI employee hired a killer by the name of Lon Horiuchi, who shot Vicki Weaver in the head with his 308 caliber high-powered telescoped equipped sniper rifle from 200 yards, while she held her nursing baby in her arms, killing her instantly.

Robert A. Messemer - The lie Dr. Lee told his colleague to get access to the computer existed only in the mind of an F.B.I. agent, who now says he made "an honest error." That agent, Robert Messemer, also now acknowledges that Dr. Lee did file reports of his meetings with Chinese scientists. Mr. Messemer threatened Dr. Lee with the death penalty during one interview, pointing out what happened to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg when they refused to come clean. The agent, unlike Dr. Lee, is still working at his job. New York Times August 29, 2000 ... "Even an innocuous phrase by Lee," Robert A. Messemer, a counter-intelligence agent testified, "could be a signal to an accomplice to pass the tapes on to hostile foreign spies." Messemer’s now famous example: " ‘Uncle Wen says hello.’ "What's more," Messemer told the judge, "the risks of that happening are greater than ever because foreign spies now know the tapes exist and are likely to try to come and get them from Lee." -Justice or Excessive Use of Judicial Force ?... At Lee's bail hearing, Messemer told the judge that Lee had to be isolated from others because "a single utterance" might give away national secrets, and that the Chinese language itself was structured for deception. While Lee's supporters laughed in protest at the cop's racist allegations, the federal judge agreed to prohibit him from speaking Chinese with his family. Reporters at the bail hearing filled out the picture, echoing long-standing racist images of Chinese as mysterious, emotionless, and timid people. -China 'spy scare' frame-up targets rights ... FBI agent admitted giving inaccurate testimony about the 60-year-old scientist and a weapons expert disputed the government's contention that Lee stole the "crown jewels" of America's nuclear program.

(From "Dave S from ReputationDefender" <> Thu, 21 Jun 2007 ) Mr. Messemer has responded with the following statement:

“I testified before the court that I had made an "honest error" by using the term "resume", and not "file" to describe the document and purpose Dr. Lee had represented when he requested to use his friend's workstation computer, in my earlier testimony to the court. In the written report of his friend's interview, the exact term is "file", not "resume". The term "resume" was in the agent's notes, but not in the final report. Of significance, I also testified that the "resume" or "file" issue was immaterial, inasmuch as Dr. Lee did not disclose to his friend his true purpose in using his friend's computer to download classified materials. Dr. Lee lied by omission and was not candid with his friend. That was the essence of my testimony on this issue. I did not lie - as alleged by the webmaster.

“Moreover, I did NOT threaten Dr. Lee with the death penalty as represented on this website. That remark was made by another agent well before my assignment to the investigation. I found the remark objectionable, counterproductive and completely unnecessary. Any attribution of the "death penalty" remark to me is in error.”

Paul George -Michigan bureau of the FBI “If there is going to be a Big Brother in the United States, it is going to be us — the FBI,” said Paul George, supervisory special agent for the Michigan bureau of the FBI, TORONTO, April 6 [Source: FBI agent: I am Big Brother By Robert Lemos, ZDNet News, April 6, 2000 - 1, 2 ] Pro-privacy groups might consider him 'the enemy,' but Paul George counters: 'There are worse things than having your privacy violated ... like murder.'

The December issue of the FBI's Law Enforcement Bulletin describes five "new insidious viruses" that don't exist. They're jokes. No, not hoaxes, but the equivalent of geek knock-knock jokes that circulate routinely on humor mailing lists and Internet discussion forums. Red-faced over the article, the LEB jerked the offending paragraphs

Richard Held - "an FBI COINTELPRO agent since the 60s. He coordinated ops against the L.A. Panthers, including inciting violent confrontations between rival factions and even hiring a right wing militia to kill its members. He was a key spook at Pine Ridge during the bloody anti-AIM ops, directed the draconian Puerto Rico ops in the 80s, and bombed EarthFirst! activist Judi Bari. Lawsuits resulting from that incident of domestic state terrorism have further exposed the subject's long history of abuse." prima facie: Richard W. Held ... was the Special Agent in Charge of the San Francisco field office at the time of the investigation of the explosion [Judy Beri]. He retired from the FBI on August 1, 1993. Decision and Order by Judge Claudia Wilken

In 1978 Richard Held was transferred to Puerto Rico where he oversaw the FBI execution of two Independentista leaders who were made to kneel, then were shot in the head. Held stayed on until 1985, when he stage-managed an island-wide SWAT assault by 300 agents who busted in doors and rounded up activists. Community Under Siege by Judi Bari

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