October 27, 1998

J. Halpin, Pres./CEO
CompUSA, Inc.
14951 North Dallas Parkway
Dallas, TX 75240

Dear Sir:

Just thought I would let you know about a lousing experience I had at your new downtown San Francisco store. I tried to return a mouse that I bought which did not work. No luck. The store said that I would have to deal with the manufacture because it was over 10 days since I bought it. The Kensington mouse never worked right. Now I am out $20, which is not worth the hassle of trying to deal with the manufacture over.

Bottom line - I will not buy anything else at your store and I will encourage other to avoid the store also. All for $20. I think that your new store shows very little concern for developing good relationships with customers in a new area.




Richard Petersen
1095 Market
San Francisco, CA 94103

cc San Francisco Chronicle

CompUSA Sucks!