Bob Black

by Bob Black

Why do dogs lick their balls? Because they can. Why am I making these (particular) texts available electronically? Because I can. They happen to be my only texts composed on, or in a few cases recopied by, computer. I am not computer-literate. I own an archaic IBM-compatible PC, a hand-me-down, with WordPerfect 5.1. No modem, no E-mail address. I know that some of these texts as well as some others (such as "The Abolition of Work") have been posted on the Internet, sometimes at my request, usually not. And that's fine with me. All these texts (or "files" or whatever you techies call them) I hereby grant permission to be copied or reprinted in any form or format by anybody, just so you spell my name right. In case of hard-copy publication I would appreciate receiving a copy of the publication to add to my Nine Foot Honor Shelf. I also request, but don't insist, that you include my mailing address: PO Box 1342, Albany, NY 12203-0142. I answer all interesting mail and most of the rest of it. --INTRODUCTION

  • The Abolition of Work by Bob Black
  • My Anarchism Problem - by Bob Black, 1994
  • Anarchy After Leftism by Bob Black - Chapter Five, review by John Filiss
  • What is Wrong with this Picture? A critique of a neo-futurist's vision of the decline of work, Bob Black.
  • The anti-anarchist conspiracy: An empirical test By Bob Black

    Bob Black

    Controversy and Jim Hogshire ...

  • Bob Black and Jim Hogshire
  • Dead Man Talking - Bill Brown responds to Bob Black

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