An Anarchist Reading List
Introduction to Anarchism
"Anarchism", By Peter Kropotkin from The Encyclopedia Britannica, 1910
An Introduction to Anarchism - by Liz A. Highleyman, 1988
A Quick Guide to Anarchy for Journalists
What is anarchism?
Historical Anarchist writing
Proposed Roads To Freedom - Socialism, Anarchism and Syndicalism By Bertrand Russell (1918)
In Praise of Idleness - by Bertrand Russell [1932]

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Contemporary Anarchist Writing
Anarchism, Heterosexism and Secular Religions - by Martin Howard, 1998
How I Became an Anarchist - by Ken Knabb, Bureau of Public Secrets, Berkeley, CA (1997)
Anarchism: Ideology or Methodology? - by Dave Neal (1997)
YOUNG AND ANGRY? - by George Alexandrou ... Anarchism needs new blood ...
Anarchy or patriarchy? - Between May 8-10 1998, La Gryffe, an anarchist book shop in Lyon (France), organized a series of anarchist days...
attacks on anarchism. by Hal draper ... and david mcnally
Objections to Anarchism - by By Michael E. Coughlin - originally published in serial form in the dandelion between Summer 1977 and Summer 1979
Noam Chomsky
The Boston Anarchist Drinking Brigade: The goal of a tolerant and cooperative society of free individuals can only be achieved by those very means -- by being tolerant, cooperative and free. --BAD #6 Anarchism and Civility ... more BAD Broadsides
Bob Black
My Anarchism Problem - 1994
The Abolition of Work - L'Abolition du travail
Bob Black - one of the many anarchist writers at spunk library

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