Sample media letter re: "anarchy"

Dear        : I'm a member of the Anarchist Action Network and we monitor
defamation of anarchists and anarchism in the media. Today I spotted an
incorrect use of the word "anarchy" in your paper the          . The
article was titled "
      ." I know that you probably didn't write that headline, that some
copyeditor probably did. Nonetheless, I want to point out that if you
meant that         is in chaos, then use that word, not "anarchy."

We are tired of seeing the word anarchy misused in the daily newspapers,
a practice that has been going on for well over a hundred years. This
practice started as a way of demonizing anarchist labor activists.

We are working on a effort to revise the AP Style Manual to better
reflect this usage. Please take this into consideration in your future
coverage of "hot" events around the globe.

Thank you for your time.

For more about the AAN project see:

From: Chuck Munson []
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