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Film and the Anarchist Imagination by Richard Porton
320 pages (August 1999) [amazon]

Bearded bomb-throwers, self-indulgent nihilists, dangerous subversives-these characteristic cliches of anarchists in the popular imagination are often reproduced in the cinema. In Film and the Anarchist Imagination, the first comprehensive survey of anarchism in film, Richard Porton deconstructs such stereotypes while offering an authoritative account of films featuring anarchist characters and motifs.

The Art of James Koehnline "... started doing book and magazine covers and illustrations, cooking up the Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints, working with Antero Alli on his quarterly journal of imaginative trouble, Talking Raven, doing a continuing series of CD covers for various projects of Bill Laswell" ... more James Koehnline Links
The Daily Bleed Calendar ... Of interest author & art-wise perhaps are Gustave Courbet, Signac, Paul Adam, Multatuli, Leonora Carrington, Henri-Edmond Cross; many dada & related surrealist authors/artists as well (Hugo Ball, Max Ernst, Jean Arp, Joan Miro, Ben Shahn).
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Art and Anarchism: Painting and Comics The project draws parallels between anarchist attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, ideals, and values of “high and low art.”


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Along the way various kinds of authoritarianism will be tested, and will fail; in some places, perhaps even in the USA, and in Russia, radical and sexually explicit and anarchist art will be suppressed: but as always - and especially as the genii is out of the bottle in this information age - suppression of alternative art forms will be a mainspring of inspiration for those same art forms - the underground will thrive on attempts to suppress it. CRISWELL, I MEAN SHIRLEY, PREDICTS
by John Shirley

There I was, cocky and paranoid, yet another anarchist art student teenage asshole, rebel without a clue ...

"Freedom means more than the right to change masters." --Bob Black

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