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Currency Gallery

Bread Hours - Berkeley, CA
approximately $30,000 worth of BREAD hours has been issued.

REAL Dollars - Lawrence, KS
Real Dollars designed by Mike Pagano. Printed by Kansas Key Press in Lawrence
$1 - Pélathé of the Shawnee tribe, $3 - William S Burroughs, $10 - Poet Langston Hughes
An estimated 8000 REAL dollars are currently in circulation.

Valley Dollars - Greenfield, MA
VTC has issued approximately $59,000 Valley Dollars

Ithaca Hours - Ithaca, NY
Ithaca HOUR Family
In Ithaca We Trust
1st Issued in October 1991, approximately $95,000 in circulation.

Salt Spring Island, BC

Geen Mountain Hours
In Each Other We Trust

Toronto Dollar - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ukiah Hours - Ukiah, CA
In Each Other We Trust

Kaui -Bucks - Kaui, HI
In Aloha We Trust


Emperor Norton Notes - San Francisco, CA
Produced for his majesty, Emperor Norton

Silver Certificate, $5, 1896

$10 U.S. note, issued in 1901 portrays a bison

American Currency Exhibit - From the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco - contains exhibit of "private" currencies

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