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disney-sucks.com - I beleive that there are many good reasons to hate Disney. If you're here, maybe you do, too. While I commend Disney for treating gays no worse than other people (they seem to treat everyone equally bad), Disney has a long history that, lest I be accused of slander, I'll just say many people consider Disney to promote and profit from ...

Disposable DVDs Go to the Dumps - By Katie Dean, Wired, May. 21, 2003 - Environmentalists are steamed about one movie studio's latest attempt to market home movies to the public. On Friday, Flexplay and Buena Vista Home Entertainment, a division of Disney, announced they will sell DVDs of popular movies that, once opened, can be viewed for 48 hours, then tossed in the trash. Dubbed the EZ-D, the product will be in test markets in August.

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Disney. This is something that's been bothering me for a long time. Possibly the worst media company in the world. Not in terms of their animation quality, as it's some of the best out there. I'm talking about their content (or lack thereof). Why do people associate Disney with "family values"? Because the characters are cute and happy? Because of the incessant and pointless singing? Or maybe because nothing ever goes wrong in the Disney universe, and it's comforting for irresponsible parents to know that they can avoid spending time with their kids by putting on a video, and saving a few bucks on a babysitter at the same time. I can't stand Disney. The theme park blows, the channels blow, and above all, their movies blow. The theme park is easily one of the worst things about Disney. There are maybe six rides potentially worth going on, not taking into consideration the 45 minutes of your life you piss away while waiting in line. [more]

Mickey Mouse -- A Truly Public Character - By Lauren Vanpelt, Spring 1999

"How many people in this room made $100,000 last year? Less than five percent of the American people make that much money. But one who did, Mikey Eisner, the head mouseketeer of Disney. In 1995 he made $100,000. Not for the year, not for the month, he didn't make $100,000 a week; he didn't make $100,000 a day; he made $100,000 an hour. Plus a car. Meanwhile he was knocking down the health care benefits of the minimum wage workers who were at Disney Land and Disney World.

"These executives, like Michael Eisner, they get so rich that they could afford to air-condition hell. And the way they're acting, they better be setting money aside for that project." -- Jim Hightower

Disney CEO Michael Eisner

Forbes Faces: Michael Eisner ... As one of the nation's highest compensated CEOs, Eisner set a record in December 1997 by exercising $570 million in stock options. He still had $266.8 million in unexercised options last year.

Birth Name: Michael Dammann Eisner
Birthdate: March 7, 1942
Birthplace: Mount Kisco, NY
Wife: Jane Eisner (née Breckenridge), aka: Tasty Eisner; former computer programmer; born 1943; married 1967
Son: Michael Eisner (aka Breck Eisner), filmmaker; born 1970
Son: Eric Eisner
Son: Anders Eisner

Eisner made over $700 million in 5 years

Michael Eisner joined the Disney Company in 1984 ... more

Disney has been a wild ride for the stockholders ...