Wanted for Murder


I am madder than hell. I think that every American should watch the video at Collateral Murder (www.collateralmurder.com) . Then we all should discuss it. Is this the kind of country we want to be where soldiers are sent off to far off lands to gleefully kill innocent people. Why aren’t the soldiers in the video sent to prison? If they did the same thing in a street gang in the US some district attorney would be gunning for a special circumstances sentence – yet when they do the same thing in another country they are given medals. I recognize that all people in the US military are not like the soldiers in the video and perhaps one of them even leaked the classified video. I say whoever leaked the video is a true hero – not the thugs that seemed to so enjoy killing innocent people and to revel in the death of others. I say to the soldiers in the video – I hope you kill yourselves. It would be good riddance – the United States simply needs fewer people like you. Perhaps the suicides in the military are a good thing – the bad apples realize that they did things so terrible that they do not deserve to live. To the US military – I say you have amazing weapons – but you have done a piss poor job of training people to use them. You recruit a bunch of thugs give them deadly weapons – why are you surprised when they gleefully kill people with the toys you provide. The information war is one where you do not have the same advantages – I would like to see the US military be a purely defensive force used only for good – not for imperial adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan. And to Barak, Gates and McCrystal – you have blood on your hands – you are no different than leaders in a Mexican drug cartel – you order people to kill in your name – people die because of your decisions and in a just society you would all go to the gallows for conspiracy to murder.

Did the US military kill two journalists? - Major Brent Cummings as stating, “No innocent civilians were killed on our part deliberately. We took great pains to prevent that. I know that two children were hurt, and we did everything we could to help them. I don’t know how the children were hurt,” Major Brent Cummings - are you stupid - did you deliberately lie – or were you ordered to lie by your superior – which is it Brent - I would like to know for the record.

U.S., Shiite Fighters Clash in Baghdad - By Joshua Partlow and David Finkel,
Washington Post Foreign Service, Friday, July 13, 2007

Our Government Is Planning to Stay at War for the Next 80 Years - Anyone Got a Problem with That? Without public debate and without congressional hearings, a segment of the Pentagon and fellow travelers have embraced a doctrine known as the Long War. By Tom Hayden

How some retired military officers became well-paid consultant - perhaps it really is just all about money and getting big contracts

War Propagandists

Why are you into creating heros for an ugly war? Dennet Oregan would be better off if Bush/Obama never sent him there. So would a lot of Afgans. Your column in today's (April 6, 2010) New York Times attempts to glorify war. Creating heros to mask the big issue – why are the people in charge always gung ho for imperial adventures. It’s never their kids that get killed or maimed. I notice that Chelsea Clinton never signed up for the military. By not asking the big questions - why are we in Afghanistan in the first place you are simply an enabler for US imperialism. Have you seen the video at Collateral Murder (www.collateralmurder.com)? Are these the heroes you would like us to revere? Why don’t you write a column about the killing of Photographer Namir Noor-Eldeen, 22, and driver Saeed Chmagh, 40 – they are true heros in the press trying in a very difficult place to get out real news stories. Gunned down by some video game thugs wearing the uniform of the US milatary - is that how you train them Robert Gates? How about the hero in the US military who leaked the military video – he/she is a true hero for helping the American people see what is really going on in their name. It's about time we get all the good and decent people in the US military to turn their guns on the asholes who deliberately and with pleasure kill innocent people in far off lands – people who have never tried to hurt an American yet are being treated like characters in a video game – except with real bullets. Shame on you Bob Herbert for perpetuating war propaganda. Guess it says more about the New York Times that they employ you as a columnist. I noticed that they limited the comments to your column to 70 - but some did mention the Collateral Murder killings.

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