Proof(s) of Life

The Graphic Arts Workshop 1952 to 2002

November 7 to December 4, 2002 at the Meridian Gallery

545 Sutter Street, 2nd floor
(between Mason and Powell)
San Francisco, CA 94102

Gallery hours: 11 AM to 5 PM, Tuesday through Saturday


Opening Reception

    Thursday, November 7, 6-9 PM @ the Meridian Gallery

    Come meet the many artists of the Graphic Arts Workshop as we kick of our month of celebration.

Printmaking Slam

    Saturday, November 9, 2-5 PM @ the Graphic Arts Workshop

    The artists of the Graphic Arts Workshop will demonstrate techniques in etching, woodblock, monoprinting, and lithography throughout the afternoon at their shared printmaking studio.

Red Roots

    Saturday, November 16, 2 PM @ the Meridian Gallery

    A Presentation on the California Labor School and a panel discussion of the early years of the Graphic Arts Workshop with early members and children of founding members.

Girls, Girls, Girls

    Thursday, December 5, 7 PM @ the Meridian Gallery

    Art Historian and Graphic Arts Workshop member Mary Mattlage presents a history of women in the Graphic Arts. Slides and discussion.

Talking Pictures

    Saturday, December 14, 4 PM @ the Meridian Gallery

    Some workshop members share short presentations of their work. Plenty of slides, discussions, and refreshments.

Fifty Years of Printmaking

Just as proofs are trial prints which document the evolution of an image, this exhibition documents the evolution of a San Francisco artists' cooperative over half a century. Founded by faculty and students of the California Labor School, the Graphic Arts Workshop continued as a separate entity after the school was forced out of existence as a result of the McCarthy-era witch hunts. The labor movement, civil rights, and world peace were passionate concerns of early members. Subsequent generations of artists have been nourished by these roots of cooperation and social concern, and the Graphic Arts Workshop today is distinguished by diversity and eclecticism. Come and experience a living breathing piece of the history of the arts in San Francisco.

Press Release

Click here for the press release in MS Word.

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 Simon Fillat
 Simon Fillat

 Featured Event
 Proof(s) of Life
 Proof(s) of Life
 at Meridian Gallery
 Nov 7 through Dec 4

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