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The Graphic Arts Workshop is a cooperative for working printmakers. Membership is open to any interested artist who can demonstrate a basic proficiency in their chosen medium and who will comply with the rules and goals of the Workshop.

There is an initial application fee, plus monthly dues. The dues entitle a member to 24 hour per day, 7 days per week access to the Workshop.

Prospective members must submit a completed, signed application form, a check for the amount of the application fee and first months dues, plus a portfolio of their prints for review by the membership committee. The purpose of the portfoio review is to demonstrate the applicant's familiarity with their chosen medium. The Membership Committee reviews new portfolios on the first Monday of every month.

Applicants schedule an orientation tour with a new member coordinator. They then participate in a probation period during which the applicant completes 15 hours of supervised work in the studio. An applicant cannot use the studio without supervision during this period.

Once an applicant completes their supervised work period, the Membership Committee ascertains if the applicant's work habits comply with the Workshop's rules and goals. If accepted, new members will then receive their keys and have full access to the Workshop.

See the Contact Us page for the new member coordinator's contact info.

Membership Applications

  • PDF application: print out, complete, and send to the Workshop. See the Contact Us page for mailing address.
  • Web form application (coming soon)

The PDF application needs Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed, you can get that here.

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