Quick Guide to MUNI Issues

Bunching Buses Just about everyone notices the problem of buses bunching up - especially during busy times. Some solutions
10 PM Metro closing Not popular with late night riders. Can this be changed?
Night Service How well does this work?
The Mayor Is he really delivering on his campaign promise? There is more that he can do to help. Has he done his job in getting money for the system? The mayors recent "state of the city" speech was encouraging and even mentioned GPS systems. The mayor needs to ride the MUNI and spend some time on the issues. For a city which jumps to the mayors bidding, people need to know that he thinks the MUNI is important.
Fares Some people advocate raising fares. Is this the proper direction to go in a "transit first" city? This is more than an operational issue, it is a public policy issue which needs public discussion. The Fast Pass is a great idea which speeds bus entry and encourages use.
MUNI management SPUR has advocated making MUNI a separate agency. Will this solve the problems? Two fundamental questions are: 1) Are the right people running the system? 2) are they effectively using today's technology to know just how bad the problems are? On the street, riders are not getting the service that they should.
Vehicle maintenance & cleanliness This is clearly a problem. Metro doors do not always work. Vehicles often need to be taken out of service. Cleanliness could be improved. New equipment can help, but is not the entire solution - especially when the new equipment itself breaks down or is not kept clean.
Noise of Breda LRVs MUNI thinks they have solutions to the problems. It seems crazy to buy more Breda cars if the problem is not fixed.
Closing of Market Street to cars This will probably help buses get down Market Street - especially during rush hour but still does not solve the problem of delivery vehicles who park on sidewalks, vehicle lanes and just about everywhere. A limited hours of closing might be considered both for ease of enforcement and the effect on downtown business.
Drivers of autos and MUNI Many San Francisco drivers are rude and inconsiderate of MUNI. Suggest an ad/PR campaign to educate drivers.
MUNI drivers Getting more and more professional all the time. Still some "bad apples" but hope that the majority will create a culture which does not accept incompetence in their peers.
Financial Resources The year-to-year stability of MUNI budgets needs to be addressed, both for capital equipment and operating costs. The mayor needs to be more proactive in this area and citizens can do more to create political pressure for better funding of MUNI. Why MUNI gets 51% of the transit fare revenues in the Bay Area but less than 15% of state TDA transit funds needs to be explained - equalizing this would increase MUNI funds by nearly 40 million dollars! (1)
Bus stops There have been suggestions to lengthen the space between stops to increase speed. This would not be popular with the elderly nor would it add to the public perception of the system as people friendly.
Disabled The van service seems to work well. A question exists as to the appropriate balance of funding directed toward projects which only benefit a limited numbers of handicapped riders.
MUNI Advocacy Rescue MUNI is trying to fill this role. It remains to be seen how successful they are as a voice for all riders. SPUR has made some recommendations that have not been popular with riders. The line between advocating "for" MUNI and telling MUNI "how" to run the system needs to be clear.

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