Fix MUNI Comment Form

How can you really make a difference? Here are some ideas.

  1. Learn more about the issues.
  2. Join Rescue MUNI (415-273-1558) and get involved in their activities.
  3. Send letters and call the Mayor and Supervisors (contacts)
  4. Let local newspapers, TV and radio stations know that public transportation is an important issue which needs regular coverage.
  5. Talk to people you know including bosses and members of organizations you belong to. Get a group you belong to interested in the issue of MUNI and public transportation in the city.
  6. Attend meetings of the City Transportation commission (2 times per month).
  7. Put a "FIX THE MUNI" bumper sticker on your car, business or where you live or work. Multiple copies are available for those wishing to help distribute. (Stickers will not damage surfaces)
  8. Fill out and send in Senior Action Network "Good Driver" ballot.

We believe that interest and public discussion of the issues is an important first step. If you want to get even more hardcore, here are some Resources For the Hardcore.

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