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Say you really care about the MUNI and public transportation in San Francisco - what can you do which will make a real difference? Here are some resources. If you have anything to add to this list, please contact me at:

  • RESCUE MUNI - A rider's group with meetings, committees etc. Also have an email MUNI list.
  • The San Francisco Municipal Railway's "Lines on-line" official SF MUNI website has a lot of information about MUNI. Could be better, but it is a start. The City Transportation commission meets twice a month.
  • SF Bay Area transit Email List - for those who want to keep up on Bay Area transit stories .... TO SUBSCRIBE / UNSUBSCRIBE send an e-mail to: with subject: left bank and following (lower case) one line message: subscribe (unsubscribe)
  • San Francisco MUNI - At Bay Area Transit Information Project. Mostly schedules, route info and info for the public.
  • SPUR's A Comprehensive Approach to Fixing MUNI is an attempt to diagnose MUNI's problems and propose solutions. Their approach of creating a separate agency I am not sure really solves anything. Here are our comments. They have regular monthly transit committee meetings.
  • The Drivers Union is AFL-CIO Local 250A - Contact: Larry Martin (922-9397) Are they part of the problem or part of the solution?
  • Transit Terminology
  • transportation - at the Progressive Directory has organizations and events relating to transit.

    For those with an interest in what is possible ...

  • innovative transportation and urban transit technologies
  • Routes - world links
  • PTI Journal Online - A journal of Public Transportation Innovation
  • Mass Transit - at Yahoo!

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