Date:    4/27/97 2:49 PM

To: SPUR Transportation Committee

Cc: Ammiano, Tom: 
      Bierman, Sue: 
      Brown, Amos: 
      Katz, Leslie R.: 
      Kaufman, Barbara: 
      Leal, Susan: 
      Medina, Jose: 
      Newsom, Gavin: 
      Teng, Mabel: 
      Yaki, Michael J.: 
      Yee, Leland:" 
      Da' Mayor:
      Rescue MUNI

Your, "A Comprehensive Approach to Fixing MUNI" report is interesting
and represents a good start toward a discussion of transportation issues
in San Francisco.

There are some things which you do not consider which I believe are
important and should not be ignored.   These are:

1.  Creating a separate agency will not magically make the MUNI work
better.  You miss the effect of political pressure exerted by the
current system. When  Willie Brown is on the hot seat over the MUNI he
assignees one of his top aids, Emilio R. Cruz to run the MUNI. This just
might be more effective than electing a board to run MUNI.   As any
businessperson knows, having a strong leader is often more effective
than running an organization by committee.  The recent garbage strike
shows the advantage of clear accountability and the benefits of
2.  Cultural issues are ignored. MUNI is an organization with a long
history.  The pride people have in their jobs often is as important as
money.   All one has to do is look across the bay at AC Transit to see
an organization which runs like a Federal agency - rude drivers, too
expensive with poor service.  And I believe that they have the
organizational structure you are proposing.
3.  The opportunity MUNI presents to the city to be a transportation
showcase.   To just see MUNI a city expense like the water department is
to not see the potential for San Francisco to use the MUNI to be a
showcase for innovative transportation planning and the potential
revenue the expertise could bring to the city.

4.  Blithely suggesting a fare increase shows very little understanding
for the voting power of those who use the system and ignores the many
benefits of the system for those who drive cars and trucks.

5. More voter input is needed.  Your report appears like you feel you
have all the problems and solutions identified and make little effort to
understand the various constituencies served by MUNI.
The report is a good first try but needs a lot more work before truly
being a useful document.  I would suggest removing the word
"comprehensive" from the title of the report and use it to begin to
collect comments, which could be used to really create a comprehensive


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