Cuban Poster Art

Note that the images from the Cuba Poster Project which appeared here have been removed per a request from Dan Walsh of Liberation Graphics.

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¡Revolucion! Cuban Poster Art
Lincoln Cushing
Chronicle Books, 2003; 8 x 10 in; 132 pp; 150 color images, $19.95 Paperback
ISBN 0811835820
Produced with unprecedented access to Cuban national archives, this book assembles nearly 150 of these powerful but little-seen works of popular art. From the 1960s through the 1980s, the posters rallied the Cuban people to the huge task of building a new society, promoted massive sugar harvests and national literacy campaigns; opposed the U.S. war in Vietnam; and celebrated films, music, dance, and baseball with a unique graphic wit and exuberant colorful style. Includes an introduction illuminating the rich social and artistic history of the posters and biographical information on the artists themselves.

Available on-line through the Powell's Books union worker site, as well as through the many fine local independent bookstores in your area. The book's entry at amazon.