From the Surrealist Group - Chicago August 1987

    Against the laughable legion of puritanical movie-stars, athletes, TV celebrities and assorted politician's wives who tell us to "just say no" to everything from sex and drugs to dropping out of school, the surrealists put forth for the consideration of the public these modest IMMEDIATE DEMANDS

  1. Absolute sexual freedom, eroticization of everyday life, expansion of pleasure uninhibited by bourgeois notions of guilt and duty.
  2. Global supersession of wage-slavery by the cultivation of inspired laziness.
  3. Emanicpation of children from all forms of patriarchal domination.
  4. Expansion of wilderness everywhere, at all times, by any and all means.
  5. Destruction of Family, Church and State - the indispensable first step toward a pleasurable life for all

The Platform Project