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The Cacophony Society is a randomly gathered network of free spirits united in the pursuit of experiences beyond the pale of mainstream society. We are that fringe element which is always near the edge of reason. Our members include a wide variety of individuals all marching to the beat of a different din. We are the merry pranksters of a new decade. Our ranks include starving artists living on a diet of sacred cows, under-employed musicians listening to their own subliminal messages, post-modern explorers surveying urban environments, dada clowns working in the neural circuits, and live actors playing the theater of the street. We are nonpolitical, nonprophet and often nonsensical.

Each month, many of our members get together for various participatory experiences which we call "events" (ie. the St. Stupid Day Parade). These events cover a wide range of activities, generally designed to push the limits which contemporary society has placed on fun, humor, entertainment and excitement.

The Cacophony Society has no leaders, no organization and no rules.

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Can't get that ringing out of your ears? Buried beneath a moutain of rigid societal expectations? GET OUT!! Check out ROUGH DRAFT, the monthly newsletter and calendar of events for the San Francisco Cacophony Society.

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