Rowdy Santas - December 1995

Pranksters, by Alan Brewer, Sunset Beacon, Febuary 1994
(Left to Right) Darel Van Rhey, Maxwell Mod, Violet Crumble, Krash Dummy

Down In It - BAM Magazine, November 4, 1994, By Brad Wieners
The Oakland city sewer system ...

Pranksters try to lighten up rat race, by John Flinn, Sunday, January 2, 1994, San Francisco Examiner

Here comes Santa Claus - by "Nick" Nangrum, Twisted Times
Ever notice how if you just move one letter around, you can make "Santa" spell "Satan"?

All dressed up with no place to go? Try the S.F. Chamber, August 26-September 1, 1994, San Francisco Business Times
Once upon a Deadline, Herb Caen, October 19, 1994 ... 5 04PM and "Stop Unwanted Seismic Activity"
Kill Your TV, People Haters, Mark Pauline and Survival Research Labs
filth and Fred Rinne

Dancing Elephants And Other Menaces, July 3, 1991
Wall Street Journal, Wednesday April 1, 1992
Politically Correct Demonstration of the Year, Walt Disney "Fantasia" picketed at the Castro Theater by groups including: Bay Area Say No To Drugs Committee, Bay Area Drought Reliance Party, Dieters United and Parents Against Scary Movies.

The Atomic Café - A report by Tony Revaux

The San Francisco Cacophony Society