A Brief History of Burning Man 

1986 First event on Baker Beach in San Francisco.
Conceived by Larry Harvey with help from Jerry James
20 participants, 8 foot man
1990 Burn moved to Black Rock Desert, Nevada
100 participants attend desert burning
Height of Man: 40 feet
1992 600 participants
year a plane flipped over
1993 First year of theme camps
1000 participants
1994 First Burning Man Websites appear
1995 The year of the giant Mushroom Cloud and great wind
1st year of Piss Clear

1996 10,000 participants
Theme: Hell
photos by kristen johansen
1997 First year at Fly Hot Springs
Theme: fertility
Wired publishes Burning Man book
Extensive media coverage - both online and traditional - media 1997
1997 pre & post event websites
{fray} hope - the book of burning man 1997
1998 Back to the playa ...
1998 Websites and media
1999 Theme: Time
1999 Websites
2000 Theme: The body
2001 Theme: The Seven Ages of Man
2002 Theme: The Floating World
2003 Theme: Beyond Belief
2004 Theme: The Vault of Heaven
Xploits Of the Bonkmaster
2005 Theme: "The Psyche: the Conscious, the Subconscious and the Unconscious" [more]
2006 Theme: "Hope and Fear: The Future",

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